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Awards Testimonials

Pindarie Cellar DoorPindarie Cellar Door

2014 Category Winner - Tourism Wineries, Distilleries & Breweries

Hall of Fame - 2012, 2013, 2014

“Pindarie was new to the cellar door wine world and by entering the tourism awards it helped us with recognition in the early days and we had worked hard to establish Pindarie as not only a cellar door but also a Tourism experience. The 5 questions you have to answer throughout the submission really make you think about your business planning and operation in a professional organised manner. It is like going for a health check and makes you think about what you are doing right and where you can improve. I think for the most part by entering the tourism awards, this has meant wider recognition for creating Pindarie, as well as helping us gain a Trustmark stamp for being in the Barossa . It also gives Staff a sense of pride to be working for a tourism quality producer. I would encourage South Australian Tourism businesses to enter, especially if your business and product is up there and you know you have something to strive for, but keep in mind that it is a huge commitment and be prepared to take 3-4 week out of one’s timetable to complete the submission! Hard work and passion for what you do and you’re a winner” - Wendy Allan, Owner, Pindarie Cellar Door. 


Barossa Visitor CentreBarossa Visitor Information Centre

2015 Category Winner - Visitor Information Services

Hall of Fame - 2012, 2013, 2014

“The awards process is a great way to celebrate and recognise our achievements and provides a great opportunity to stop and reflect on the past year as we continue to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. It is also a great way to thank and acknowledge our staff and volunteers for their contribution building morale and motivation as a team. Winning both the category of Visitor Information Services and Local Government was a huge honour and recognition of our tourism investment and commitment into the Barossa region. It has raised the awareness of the services we provide to the tourism industry both at a local and state level amongst industry and peers.” - Jo Seabrook, VIC Coordinator, Barossa Visitor Information Centre.


Adelaide Shores

2015 Category Winner – Qantas Award for Excellence in Sustainable Tourism

Hall of Fame - 2013, 2014, 2015

2015 Category Winner – Caravan and Holiday Parks

“I entered Adelaide Shores as it is a great benchmarking, marketing and PR tool for Adelaide Shores. One of the benefits to entering is that it also allows us to reflect in detail on the past year’s activities and sparks ideas to implement during the next year. Leveraging the Tourism Awards gives consumers confidence in our product, so we are able to promote our awards through various marketing and PR activities. It’s also a great opportunity to be involved with other members of the SA Tourism Industry. I would absolutely encourage tourism businesses to enter, it is a fantastic process for any business to go through regardless of success, but to be recognised amongst such a high calibre of entrants is a huge achievement.” - Kate Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Shores. 


The Frames

2014 Category Winner – New Tourism Development  

2015 Category Winner – Self Contained Accommodation

“Over the years we have had a strong working relationship with SATIC and entering awards shows our support for the organisation and the people behind it and the work it does. The awards also allows us to showcase our tourism business to others in the industry and the general public. Entering the awards and producing the submission provides a platform to critically analyse the business and look at the successes over the 12 month period. It also gives you information which can be used to plan for the future 12 months to improve the business. It provides a holistic view of the business and its performance. Winning an SA Tourism Award gives you personal satisfaction given that you are being judged by your peers. You get additional media coverage and are able to display awards on print material, websites etc. The business gets greater exposure, as winning a State award means that you qualify for the Australian Awards thus providing opportunities to network and further promotion.  I would definitely encourage others to enter the SA Tourism Awards, businesses can use the awards as part of their business plan using it as a review and forward planning tool.” - Cathy Edmonds, Owner, The Frames.  


Adventures Beyond Group

2014 Category Winner – Business Tourism

“We enter the awards annually for 2 reasons.  1. To review our achievements and strategy for the year and 2. To promote our business on the State and National stage in front of our peers. The main benefits from entering the awards is to review our procedures, achievements, results and to do an annual health check on our complete business from a helicopter view.  Too many of us are stuck working in the business day to day the awards process is an important process in taking a step back and reviewing our complete business operation. Winning an award is a great morale boost for our business and in particular our team.  The Win results in an increase in publicity, awareness and is a great marketing tool for us to promote over the coming years.  People like dealing with "Award Winning" companies. I encourage businesses to enter the awards for 3 reasons: To get your business on the main stage at the awards night amongst the other industry leading operators.  This puts your business in the forefront of people’s minds when they are looking for partners and product to use in the future. To review your business and document the annual achievements and highlights so you have a benchmark for the future as well as a training tool for new staff members (i.e. someone starts and you can just hand them the submission so they can learn all about the business they are working for).  This is a great exercise that ensures you get a great helicopter view of your business - as well as some constructive feedback from the judges on what an external expert sees in your operation. You have to be in it to win it.  If you are fortunate enough to win then it is a fabulous marketing tool that you can leverage on for years.” - Luke Talbot, Managing Director, Adventures Beyond Group. 


SeaLink Travel Group

2014 Category Winner - Major Tour &/or Transport Operators

“Winning a tourism award boosts every part of our business. Not only do customers seek out award-winning businesses, a win also instils pride in our team, helps us attract the best people and ensures we remain focussed on best practice and innovation. SeaLink has won multiple State Tourism Awards over the years and is a two-time Australian Tourism Award winner, South Australian Hall of Fame inductee, our Managing Director has been recognised for his outstanding contribution to tourism and we won our category in 2014 and received a gold award for our adventure tourism product. If you’re thinking about whether to enter, our advice is to do it. It’s a big investment of time but the returns are immense.” - Donna Gauci, General Manager, SeaLink South Australia. 


Adelaide Cemeteries Authority

2014 Category Winner – Heritage and Cultural Tourism

Hall of Fame - 2012, 2013, 2014

“The awards are a celebration of all the fantastic things that individuals and organisations are doing to boost local tourism. The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority’s West Terrace Cemetery has enjoyed tremendous success over the years and last year we were honoured to be inducted into the South Australian Tourism Hall of Fame. The awards have helped increase the public’s awareness of West Terrace Cemetery as Australia’s oldest operating capital city cemetery, and have also helped increase the community’s appreciation of cemetery tourism in general. Due to the awards, West Terrace Cemetery has also been able to attract increased publicity and is now widely recognised for excellence in heritage and cultural tourism, which has led to increased visitation and participation in our popular guided tours and self-guided walking trails. Internally, the awards process has been a great way for us to reflect on the enormous amount of work we have done to enhance our tourism offering at West Terrace Cemetery and the outstanding results we have achieved. We would certainly encourage other tourism operators to enter the awards, which provide significant marketing benefits including profile raising and increased public interest.” - Robert Pitt, Chief Executive Officer, Adelaide Cemeteries Authority.


Udder Delights Cheese Cellar

2015 Category Winner - Excellence in Food Tourism

Hall of Fame - 2013, 2014, 2015

“As much as I hate writing award applications, I knew that it would only have positive benefits. It is always good for our team to know that their efforts are being recognised, and that I take the time to put ourselves forward for acknowledgement. I know that spending the time to really analyse the business only has a positive effect on our future decision making. It is also a good time to reflect on the activities we did that really were successful. It’s just a really good pat on the back, and an industry endorsement really cementing the whole reason why we decided to open in the first place. By entering the tourism awards program, it is an opportunity to work on the business, as opposed to in it.” - Sheree Sullivan, Owner, Udder Delights Cheese Cellar. 




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