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Nomination for the 2015 SA Tourism Awards are now open.


Claire Sim,
Great Southern Rail

South Australian Tourism Student of the Year

Supported by Skal International Adelaide

This award recognises an outstanding tourism student and their commitment to contribute to the development of a vibrant and professional tourism industry in South Australia.

***Please note this category is yet to be updated to the 2015 criteria***

Entry Criteria:

  • All nominees must be 18 years of age or older on 1st September 2014.
  • Nominees must be currently enrolled in a Tourism course (2014 term/semester).
  • The nominee must be available to accept the tourism exchange prize and meet the additional requirements as specified below.
  • The Student must be nominated by the Tourism University/College/TAFE or other accredited learning centre.
  • In nominating a student, the education institution agrees to purchase a ticket for the nominated student to attend the 2014 SA Tourism Awards Gala Dinner – Friday, 14 November 2014.


Additional Requirements:

  • Provide a medical history signed by the nominated student’s physician stating they are fit for travel.
  • Provide evidence that the nominated student has sufficient financial support to assure their well-being during the exchange.


Important Notes:

  • The award will not be made to the same person twice.
  • The answer to each question must not be more than 2 pages.
  • The nominee’s Resume and no more than 3 letters of recommendation may be included.
  • Copy of documentation such as driver’s license, passport, etc. should be included to verify age.
  • The award will be presented at the discretion of the judges, based on the submission received.
  • This category is specific to South Australia, and the winner will not go on to become a finalist in the Australian Tourism Awards.
  • The criteria and rules for entry for the 2014 Australian Tourism Awards DO NOT apply to this category.


The judges will take into account the following aspects when assessing a nomination.



Provide a brief overview of yourself, highlighting your personal attributes. Include a brief history of your career in tourism, and a description of your studies and achievements. Please include some form of documentation that verifies you will be over the age of 18 as of 1st September 2014. (10 points)


  • Extracts from your curriculum vitae may be useful.
  • Include previous and current studies as well as previous and current employment.
  • What are your interests and accomplishments within the tourism industry?
  • Have you ever travelled overseas? If yes please detail. 



Provide reasons why you think you would be a good candidate for the student exchange program. (20 points)


  • What personal benefits would you derive from the student exchange program?
  • Include references and letters of recommendation. 



Provide details on what you hope to accomplish as the Skal International South Australian Exchange Student. (20 points)


  • Consider accomplishments during your exchange and after you return.
  • What are your plans and ambitions for your education / career in tourism in South Australia and how will participation in the exchange further this?


Total score: 50 points.


NB: This category does not incur a nomination fee.

*In nominating a student, the education institution agrees to purchase a ticket for the nominated student to attend the 2014 SA Tourism Awards Gala Dinner – Friday, 14 November 2014.

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