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Here are some common FAQ's about entering the Tourism Awards...

Q: Does my business qualify to enter?

A: The Awards are open to all tourism businesses across the state of South Australia, across a range of categories. If your business can adequately fit in a category and meet the criteria, you are eligible to enter.


Q: Is it all about big business and big budgets to win the awards?

A: No - all tourism businesses compete in each category and small businesses can and have successfully won many awards. The focus of the judges is on the submission and the site visit, not the size of the bottom line.


Q: Is there a fee or cost to enter the South Australian Tourism Awards?

A: Yes.

$190.00 per nomination for SATIC member (non-refundable, GST inclusive)

$290 per nomination for non-SATIC member (non-refundable, GST inclusive)


Q: How does entering the South Australian Tourism Awards benefit my business?

A: Most past entrants will testify that entering the South Australian Tourism Awards assists their business greatly through self-evaluating their goals and objectives and being able to benchmark against key performer indicators and against competitors.

If you are recognised as a winner, you can market yourself as the best in the State or Nationally. Award winners are provided trophies to display at their business and logos to brand their communications which demonstrates a high level of excellence and credibility to their customers.

Media and other major bodies such as government agencies look to winners as the leaders of the industry and profile their success with free exposure in communications and online.

Some categories are sponsored by partners of the South Australian Tourism Awards and provide the winners additional benefits such as free advertising or cash prizes.


Q: Who nominates my business to enter for a South Australian Tourism Award?

A: Each business must nominate themselves and develop a submission that answers the questions in each category.


Q: Am I able to re-enter in consecutive years?

A: Yes. All past entrants are encouraged to re-enter to achieve a first time win or increase their chances at becoming a Hall of Fame winner which recognises those who have won a category in three consecutive years. By re-entering and winning at a State level, you increase your chances to be recognised as the best in country if you win at the Australian Tourism Awards.


Q: How much do I need to write?
A: Most categories have a word limit of 12,500 words (with the exceptions of categories 25, 26, 27 & 31, please refer to Rules for Entry)


Q: Do I have to submit my entry as soon as I have nominated?
A: NO, your nomination is your expression of interest to enter the Tourism Awards. Your submission must be uploaded by the submission due date.


Q: Do I need to employ a professional writer to win?
A: No. Many past winners are entrants that have written their own submission. You know your business inside and out, top to bottom and no one can replicate your passion for it. Utilising the support services available such as attending the workshops and gaining a mentor will help you devise a competitive submission. It is permitted to use a professional writer if you have limited time or cannot explain your answers succinctly.


Q: Do I need to supply a hard copy submission in addition to the online submission?
A: No. You will be required to submit through the online portal there is no need to submit a hard copy document.


Q: Do I have to upload ten photos/images of my business to enter the Awards?
A: Yes, to ensure maximum promotion of your business.


Q: Do I have to tick the ‘Entry Disclaimer’ and ‘Statutory Declaration’ boxes to submit my Entry?
A: Yes this is a mandatory requirement that you understand and agree to the terms of the tourism awards and that you declare that all statements made in your submission to be true and correct and not misleading or deceptive.


Q: Can I use my submission from the previous year/s?
A: Don’t assume the questions ask the same as previous years. Be sure to read all the questions in case there have been some minor changed to the questions. You can certainly use generic information about your business however any results or activity to substantiate your answer but have taken place in the qualifying year. 


Q: How do I know how many words or pages to use to answer a question?
A: If the question is worth 3 points, then a general rule of thumb is to supply an appropriate proportion  word count for your answer. If the question is 6 points then allocate a higher proportion of word count.


Q: How can I nominate somebody to be recognised as an individual, who have contributed to the South Australian Tourism Industry?
A: There are three ‘individual’ categories that recognise the efforts people have made to the South Australian Tourism Industry. Unlike the business categories that must be entered by the business itself, individual/s are recognised by a nomination made by anybody on their behalf. The three categories are: ‘Outstanding Contribution by an Individual’, ‘South Australian Tourism Student of the Year’ and ‘South Australian Taxi Driver of the Year’.


Q: Will I know if I have won in advance of the Awards Ceremony?
A: The winners and medalists are kept totally secret until they are presented at the Awards Ceremony.

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