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14 Aug - Submissions due
14 Aug - Voting opens - People's Choice
22 Sept - Submissions due - OCBI & SA Student of the Year

Changes for 2017

1. An Online Awards Portal has been introduced, with a complete online entry process. This means submissions will no longer be in a PDF format and will instead be completed through a web-based form.
Benefits of the online program include:
  • No formatting or designing required
  • Mobile accessible
  • Online submission
  • Accessible by multiple users
  • Electronic attachment of images and graphs


2. Category changes: no category changes for 2017.


3. Category descriptor ammendments have been made to the following and now read:

  • Category: Qantas Award for Aboriginal & Torres Islander Tourism - this category recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism operations that demonstrate authenticity and cultivate a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, history and traditions.


4. Question changes have been made in the following categories:

  • Category 3– Major Festivals and Events – Q1 (a)(b)(c)(d) and (e), 2 (a)(b)(c) and (d) and associated tips.
  • Category 4–Festivals and Events – Q1 (a)(b)(c)(d) and (e), 2 (a)(b)(c) and (d) and associated yips.
  • Category 7 -Qantas Award for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Tourism – Q1 (a)(b) and (c), Q2(a) and (c), Q3(a)(b) and (c), Q5(a) and (b).


5. Rules for Entry amendments:

  • Formatting rules no longer apply.
  • The submission will be up to 12,500 words in length and will be entered via the Awards Online Program. Exceptions are:
    • Category 25: Excellence in Food Tourism will have a maximum 8,000 word limit
    • Individual categories will have a 2,500 word limit
  • The submission will include up to 25 images with caption
    • Images include pictures/images, info-graphics and graphs
    • Captions are allowed for each image. Maximum of 6 words, not included in overall word count


6. Winners and Medallists


Changes have been made to the awarding of Winners and Medalists, aligning with the Australian Tourism Awards levels:

  • Finalist– Entrants who score 65% or higher will be finalists
  • Winner– The entrant with the highest score (75% or higher) in the category will be known as the winner and will go on to represent South Australia at the QANTAS Australian Tourism Awards in 2018.
  • Silver– Presented to the entrant with the second highest score in the category, where the entrant has scored 75% or higher.
  • Bronze– Presented to the entrant with the third highest score in the category, where the entrant has scored 75% or higher.
  • Hall of Fame– Presented to entrants who win the same category three years in a row.
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