Growing your business as a flagstone of Destination South Australia

Nature-based Tourism stream, supported by the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

Business success in tourism depends on alignment of destination positioning and awareness. Craig will give his insights into understanding your region’s destination marketing plan, and how you can incorporate your region’s business into this. He will also talk about the international market and understanding the distribution system, as well as help you to identify your business strengths and target audience, and the means to grow these.

Craig Wickham

Tourism Industry Expert | Exceptional KI
Craig Wickham

A chance opportunity to escape suburban Adelaide in the mid-sixties saw Craig Wickham raised in the solitude of Kangaroo Islands’ north coast. Subsequent foresight saw a family tourism business established in the mid seventies. The eighties saw Craig live in South Africa, pursue wildlife management qualifications and then employed by the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The nineties saw a return to private enterprise with a fledgling nature-based tourism business. Fast forward to 2016 – partner in a business with a staff of 18 and a well established international tourism business showcasing the best of Kangaroo Island – after 26 years an “overnight success”!


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