Access for all - Understanding the opportunity for Accessible Tourism in South Australia

Ecotourism Stream, supported by the Department for Environment & Water

Tourism Research Australia estimates that 1.3 million people are in the market for accessible options for day trips and overnight stays in Australia. With a focus on enhancing the tourism experience for people with disabilities and their travel companions, this workshop will highlight the accessibility options available in South Australian parks and the nearby businesses plus provide practical advice for operators on how to make your tourism business inclusive and accessible.

Clair Crowley & Yvette Eglinton

| Push Adventures | Department for Environment & Water
Clair Crowley & Yvette Eglinton

Clair Crowley | Managing Director & Co Founder | Push Adventures

Passionate and ambitious, Clair’s insight into the barriers and hurdles that a wheelchair user faces is the driver behind Push Adventures. She is determined to use the experiences of her family to educate the travel industry and assist to create a world where tourism is accessible for all. Having travelled and worked around the world, Clair has faced and overcome the many challenges that exist when preparing for, and travelling with, people of varying abilities. Her experience working in a not for profit organisation and a degree in Recreation Planning and Management with a tourism and events focus, provide for an invaluable insight into working towards an inclusive tourism experience for all.

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