It’s a fake fake fake world: Promoting yourself authentically in a post-truth world

Business Growth Stream

In a post-truth era, with social media networks evolving into pay-to-play spaces, how can a tourism operator get heard and drive engagement without breaking the bank? In this presentation, Steve Davis will share a brief overview of the state of play in social media, isolate practices that have lost effectiveness, and suggest new methods for getting "cut through" online. Many of the solutions won't be free, and many won't be easy. Instead, they will be based on an eyes-wide-open look at options for promoting tourism enterprises in 2018 and beyond.

Steve Davis

Marketing & Creative Director | Baker Marketing
Steve Davis

To Steve Davis marketing is the lifeblood of business and as Marketing and Creative Director at Baker Marketing, his mission is to help get your marketing pumping!

Steve is out of the office more often than not, delivering workshops or consulting directly to business owners and boards about all manner of marketing challenges, including social media marketing.

He has a special interest in social and digital media and marketing technologies, with a particular focus on how to properly integrate such channels of communication within a business’ own marketing strategy.

Steve has almost 20 years of involvement in internet and new media strategy development, and through his hands-on work with clients and entertaining presentation style, he has become the “go to man” for many businesses wanting to tap into the ‘social’ marketplace of hundreds of millions of potential customers.

You will hear Steve often on Adelaide’s leading talk radio station, Radio FIVEaa, discussing his weekly podcast, The Adelaide Show. The podcast puts South Australian passion on centre stage.

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