The True Cost of Unhappy Visitors in a Competitive and Hyper-Connected World

Service Excellence/Business Development Stream

Think you know your visitors? Think again!

The best companies in the world discover what their visitors crave - and then deliver it in memorable experiences. In today’s ‘visitor-centric’ economy, understanding expectations and striving to exceed them at every interaction is more important than ever before. After all...
- Visitors can now abandon your business and find a competitor with a few taps on their mobile devices.
- Social peer groups such as online rating sites and reviews make experiences transparent to visitors.
- And providing exceptional experiences has become the most-important weapon in the battle for visitor dollars.

In this presentation Shelley walks you through the implications of creating just ONE unhappy visitor each day, and then translates these consequences into REAL DOLLAR costs to your business... particularly with social media savvy customers. Prepare to be absolutely shocked by the amount of business you are losing as a result of poor service. This presentation will be a wakeup call for tourism businesses and will permanently impact how ALL frontline staff, managers and business owners connect with visitors in the future.

Shelley Thomson

Director | Experience360
Shelley Thomson

Shelley is a popular and well-received keynote speaker at events including the Pharmacy Business Network, The Fortune Institute High Achievers and Deloitte Private. Shelley connects with the audience, captures attention, and inspires people to take customer experience to the next level. Attendees often leave the room buzzing with energy and enthusiasm - itching to put her unique insights and innovations into action. As a passionate customer experience expert with more than 25 years’ experience, Shelley believes successful organisations have one common central focus: customers. Future success will come to those, and only those, who are obsessed with looking after customers. And by 2020 business success will be determined by your ability to attract customers, deliver a great experience so they buy your products or services and show loyalty to you and your business.

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