Why a Great Story is ‘Best Business Practice’

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Competition for attention and the tourist dollar has never been more intense, so how do you ensure you get your share of both? In this workshop, Grant will explain how great stories help build and establish great brands. Then he’ll help you identify your story and run through the key ingredients and components that help you tell your story in an engaging and authentic way…connect with your key target audience…and create a position in the market you can own and easily defend.

Grant Cameron

Media Professional | storybrandimage
Grant Cameron

Grant Cameron has a passion for stories. As one of Australia’s most experienced media professionals, his career has spanned four decades across all major mediums: newspapers, television, radio and advertising.

A born storyteller, he lives for the “ah-ha” moments: the times in the storytelling workshops when participants identify the uniqueness of their story and the power it brings to their brand.


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