Your natural talents are your super powers for success

1.5 hour masterclass, supported by the South Australian Tourism Commission, the Government of South Australia and the Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure (TDDI) program

Your natural talents are your super powers for success. Are you aware of your strengths? Decades of research has proven that we can be far more successful by focusing on improving our innate talents, rather than our weaknesses. Learn how to use a strength-based approach to amplify your productivity and development in your career and in your personal life.

Dan Kuss

Success Coach | Torrens University Australia
Dan Kuss

Dan is on a mission to empower people and business with the mindset and tools to succeed. For many years now he has wanted to help people be more positive and take action towards creating a better life. He truly believes that life really can be a holiday if we trade what we love doing for money, and if he can manage to find a way to live a fun and rewarding life doing what he love, then anybody can do it.

As a Success Coach for Torrens University, Dan works with students to leverage their natural strengths and align their learning with their broader life purpose. Through one-on-one conversations, hosting workshops and group activities, he coaches students to successfully navigate the educational landscape and build personal and professional capability. With a focus on the student’s career goals, and trained in Gallup CliftonStrengths, he takes a strengths-based approach to engage with and motivate students for study and career success, improve their employability outcomes, including self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Drawing on over 20 years in business, including building a design and marketing agency and more recently a coaching practice, Dan shares his experiences and networks with the students and the university to create opportunities and the best student and life outcomes possible.

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