2017 program

Industry Dinner

Short Term Games, Long Term Gains  
A plan to foster Adelaide's Urbanity and Identity through the Commonwealth Games.

A highlight of the three-course dinner was guest speaker David Cooke, a recognised expert in urban design and Director of design studio City Collective.

The problems that plague Adelaide have become normal to us, but that doesn’t mean normal solutions are going to work. While undertaking his Masters at The University of California, Berkeley, architect David Cooke came up with a radical plan for the city that uses the Commonwealth Games as a catalyst to increase Adelaide’s city centre population, vibrancy and urban quality.

The Commonwealth Games could create a better future for Adelaide; what would need to be done to hold the event in the city and what legacy those choices would create are detailed in a staged approach that provides a diverse mix of urban infill housing, walkable blocks and improved transit. The design proposal increases the urban quality, attracts residents back to the city centre and improves the overall tourist experience.

In unpacking this work, it is proposed how to complete Light’s original city plan of Adelaide and deliver an urban identity that solves many of Adelaide’s urban challenges and delivers a sustainable urban future.

About David Cooke

David Cooke has the unique skillset of being an internationally qualified Urban Designer, a registered Architect and an accredited Planner. In 2014 David was awarded a prestigious scholarship to attend the University of California, Berkeley in their intensive Masters of Urban Design program. The first South Australian to receive this honour.  Upon returning to Australia, as Director of design studio City Collective, David is now applying this knowledge and experienced gained in California to address the urban renewal challenges that face Australian cities.

FOOD and the CITY

Rilka Warbanoff from Rilka’s Kitchen also give a cooking demonstration and led a panel discussion:

FOOD has become the sex of the city world. The word "foodie" has become common in our language and is used by anyone who watches a food show, knows the latest bar or the name of the hot new chef. The celebrity chef has become the pop star and the sex symbol of the food industry, so how can a city reinvent itself and use this concept of food porn as a tourism attraction? How does it impact Adelaide and how can it help to make our city stand out in the world of gastronomy?

About Rilka Warbanoff

A force to be reckoned with on many fronts, Rilka’s first love has always been food. For her, preparing and sharing meals with friends and family is a joyful act, and Rilka has made her mark on the thriving Adelaide food scene.

Realising that up to 40% of Australians have some kind of dietary restrictions, Rilka set up her cooking school in a specially renovated barn behind her Hahndorf home, to teach people that they could make and enjoy cost-effective, nutritious food in their own kitchens without sacrificing flavour and variety. Most of all, she shows that cooking is fantastic fun, with everyone sharing the meals they create with a glass or two of local Adelaide Hills wine.

2017 Conference – At a Glance

The 2017 SATIC Tourism Conference was a must-attend event for tourism education, networking and professional development, with delegates representing a cross-section of the industry, with operators both large and small, across all sectors and all regions of South Australia.

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