2015 program

Leadership Dinner

David Cropley

Creativity & Innovation – The Levers of Prosperity

A highlight of the conference was a three-course dinner with Dr David Cropley, a recognised expert in creative problem solving and innovation on Tuesday, 31 May.

Economic Prosperity, in the purest sense, is a function of two key factors – the resources available to us, and the technologies that we can access. For the tourism industry, the former includes our geographic resources – beaches, for example – and our environment. However, without some means to exploit these resources, they remain merely stretches of sand and water. Technologies, in the very broadest sense, are the means – the solutions – by which we turn beaches, wineries, caves and concert halls into wealth-generating tourist attractions. Our ability to do this is critically dependent on our capacity for creativity and innovation.

David defined and discussed creativity and innovation, and the role they play in economic growth and prosperity. He outlined some of the key factors that determine how and why people and organisations are able to be innovative, and how we position ourselves to develop the solutions that create and grow a sustainable tourism industry.


About David

David Cropley is the Associate Professor of Engineering Innovation at the University of South Australia. Dr Cropley joined the School of Engineering at the South Australian Institute of Technology (SAIT) in 1990, after serving for four years in the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy.

He is author of four books including The Psychology of Innovation in Organizations (Cambridge University Press, 2015) and Creativity and Crime: A Psychological Analysis (Cambridge University Press, 2013).

Now a recognised expert in creative problem solving and innovation, Dr David Cropley was a scientific consultant and on-screen expert for the Australian ABC TV Documentaries Redesign My Brain (2013, 2015) and Life at 9 (2014).




"The 2015 Leadership Dinner was first class, especially SATIC's ability to attract a keynote speaker to the calibre of Andrew McEvoy. I very much look forward to next year's event where I know I will be exposed to another brilliant speaker telling me what is most relevant to industry at that time." Eoin Loftus, Majestic Hotels

2016 Conference – At a Glance

The 2016 SATIC Tourism Conference was a must-attend event for tourism education, networking and professional development, with delegates representing a cross-section of the industry, with operators both large and small, across all sectors and all regions of South Australia.

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