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13 April 2018


In 1960, it was evident to people in the caravan and camping industry in South Australia that a representative body needed to be formed to advance their interests and promote self-drive tourism.

Twenty-three people from the caravan and camping industry met at the offices of the South Australian Chamber of Commerce in Pirie Street, Adelaide in 1960 to form the Caravan Trades and Industries Association, and what is currently known today as the Caravan and Camping Industries Association of SA (CCIASA).

Since then, the CCIASA has been organising caravan and camping shows for over 50 years celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017.

CCIASA is a self-funded membership Association with profits from the caravan and camping shows being reinvested into promoting and developing the caravan and camping industry. With a current membership base of 112 South Australian businesses, the CCIASA continues to be an effective and relevant Association in South Australia.

We caught up with Chief Executive Officer - Stuart Livingstone to learn more about the award-winning business, including plans for the future.  

“For the past six months the CCIASA has been transitioning in a new team lead by CCIASA Chairman -Michael Ford and myself.

“Although this transition has been challenging, it has provided a great opportunity for us to realign our resources and focus to continue to deliver tangible benefits and outcomes for our members.

“Within this period, we have been recording steady annual growth averaging 12%.”

During this time, the CCIASA has also been focussing on leveraging off their activities to build their consumer database. Simple strategies include;  

  • offering an eBook online for order;
  • online tickets sales for caravan and camping shows;
  • competitions ran through member businesses or events;
  • opt ins on Facebook;
  • EDM signup popup prompt on the consumer facing website

“Capturing a consumer’s email address was the first step in developing the capability and effectiveness of an electronic direct mailout (EDM) strategy. Regular, relevant and engaging communications with consumers is a minimum requirement in order to convert subscribers into sales.” 

In developing their EDM strategy, Stuart says the CCIASA have also been focussed on building ‘automation’ and ‘dynamic content’ through their online EDM service provider - Vision6.

In its simplest form, ‘automation’ is used to automate a schedule of banked EDM’s automatically triggered from the time of subscription. While ‘dynamic content’ is used to routinely change the header image of an EDM to make it more relevant and captivating to a particular subscriber.

For example, if your subscriber was a 30 year old with young kids, the image may feature a young family having a great caravan and camping holiday with a pool and a jumping cushion in sight.

“Although this strategy has required us to capture slightly more information at the time of registration, these few simple tactics have increased open rates by 13% and website click-through rates by 22%.”

“Moving forward, we are looking forward to potentially commissioning SATIC to deliver components of a caravan and camping specific training and development program, and conducting regular industry specific research to be overlaid with greater tourism industry data.”

Stuart says the CCIASA is also excited about reinvigorating caravan and camping shows through potential partnerships with other peak industry bodies of products or services allied with caravan and camping self-drive holidays.

“Achieving more through collaboration is a one guiding philosophy the CCIASA is focusing on moving forward. Collaboration will provide opportunity to leverage creativity, experience and resources. We believe that through collaboration the greater tourism industry can achieve more, and therefore we welcome discussing collaboration opportunities with South Australian tourism operators.”

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