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12 December 2017


SeaLink and Captain Cook Cruises are part of the SeaLink Travel Group which is one of Australia’s largest tourism and travel employers with over 1,200 staff. SeaLink operate 75 ferries, catamarans and barges in SA, NSW, QLD, NT and WA and carry over eight million passengers a year. Not bad for a small ferry operation that commenced in 1989 with one ferry and two coaches!

Here in SA they have 350 employees, two ferries, one river cruising vessel and 39 coaches and touring vehicles.  

In SA, SeaLink operate the following brands:

  • SeaLink Ferries
  • SeaLink Holidays
  • SeaLink Tours
  • Kangaroo Island Odysseys
  • Kangaroo Island Adventure Tours
  • Vivonne Bay Lodge
  • Vivonne Bay Holiday House
  • Adelaide Sightseeing
  • PS Murray Princess
  • Australian Holiday Centre 

"SeaLink has been delighting travellers for many years, firstly in SA and now around Australia,” says Donna Gauci, General Manager of SeaLink Travel Group and recently appointed SATIC Board Member.  

“With our great products and services, we are able to create brilliant memories with all of the holidays, accommodation, tours and activities that we put together,” says Donna.

Over the last six to 12 months, SeaLink have introduced quite a few new touring programs, with their new food and wine focussed tours having helped lift the profile of Kangaroo Island as a food and wine destination. They have also “offered diversity to the type of touring [they] have traditionally offered, which has primarily been around nature and wildlife.”

“The new KI Wilderness Trail has been very successful in attracting walkers from around the world. The beauty of this five-day walk is that you can choose to camp each night along the trail, or be collected and taken to accommodation ranging from cabins, to hotel rooms to the luxury Southern Ocean Lodge. SeaLink and Kangaroo Island Odysseys offer both independent and guided touring/accommodated options.”

“Our new 7 Night Upper Murraylands Cruise reaches further up river to Morgan. Our Murray Princess cruises have many return customers and it is always nice for them to have a new itinerary to try, as well as support those towns and regions further upstream.”

Donna attributes the success of their South Australian holiday packaging, which includes a diverse range of their products, as having helped increase the length of stay in SA, as customers are visiting Kangaroo Island, Murray River and other regions of the State.

“Our new 4 Day Luxury Flinders Ranges and Outback Tour, which we can sell individually, or combined with KI, (two of the greatest nature destinations in the world), has [also] given us a very appealing product for key international markets,” says Donna.

Having a dedicated, passionate and helpful team are vital to ensuring your tourism business delivers quality visitor experiences, says Donna.

“Our people are amazing, they are energetic, friendly and professional and will always help travellers enjoy the very best of experiences – every time.”

As well as this, it's important to constantly evolve and incorporate new initiatives that will enhance the visitor experience and enable "Australian and international travellers to discover some of our country's most iconic locations." With this in mind, over the last six to 12 months, SeaLink have undergone upgrades to their facilities, implemented Kounta – a new point of sales system which has helped create smoother reporting, introduced LiveChat to their websites and put forward a strong focus on access for their customers, just to name a few.  

Check out the links to their new tours and packages: 

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