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26 March 2018


Shiraz & Co Tours help locals and visitors experience the amazing flavours of South Australia by offering hand-picked and crafted gourmet food and fine wine adventures for the enthusiast who wishes to take their experience to the next level.

From an early age Managing Director – Armin Apold was inspired to become involved within the South Australian Tourism Industry, having grown up in a family engaged with tourism.

“Seeing how much joy and happiness this service sector can generate when delivered with passion and enthusiasm leaves its mark," says Armin.

“Our State is well recognised as a wine tourism destination and we are blessed with artisan producers offering a wide range of fresh and vibrant products and experiences.

"Curating unique and interesting new experiences is what tourism is all about, and for tourists what makes leaving home and spending hard earned money and precious time worthwhile.

“The tourists will come if you offer them something that makes them feel special and deliver an experience that is unforgettable.”

As advocates of the SlowTourism movement, Shiraz & Co tailor solutions based on the ‘linger longer, travel less and experience more’ premise.

"We believe tourists appreciate this rather than the more traditional mass tourism; one size and ‘time to get back on the bus’ model,” says Armin.

To further cater to their target market consisting primarily of couples on holiday – seeking to satisfy their passion for food and wine, Shiraz & Co introduced a luxurious high-end vehicle to supplement their small group tours and started promoting SlowFood focussed Luxury Degustation Tours.

“These have become our focus as the venues and activities complement each other and create an intimate food and wine journey through a region. Couples really appreciate the extra attention and getting spoilt.”

In valuing industry collaboration as a key business development tool, Armin says it important for businesses to detail what they wish to achieve and evaluate who can help to reach those goals.

“To save a lot of wasted time and money learning the hard way, spend the time up front early detailing what you want to achieve and then find someone who specialises in the niche area you operate in.

“Just like your own business, there will be those which thrive by focussing on their point of difference, just make sure there is a lot of synergy, go with your gut feel and the odds of kicking goals will be better."

Shiraz & Co are now working with other small niche market boutique and like-minded tourism providers whose services complement their own, crafting some amazing joint venture experiences.

“We have found that sitting in a vehicle is not always the best way to experience the full scope of our great food and wine regions, because you miss a lot of what Australia is all about. It is our pristine landscape that lends so much to the overall uniqueness of what is on offer.

“So, we are linking up exciting and new ways to experience what’s great and making it much simpler for visitors to get out and get amongst it, be it by sea, air or other means.”

Armin considers the ongoing rise of social media to have had a huge impact on the tourism industry, highlighting that although tourists now use digital technology to discover tourism destinations and book, they ultimately still rely on the experiences had by real people.

“Although people want to know it all, have a hand in it, be independent and have control, we have found that they ultimately still rely on real people’s experience to show them the way. Therefore, it’s always important to make the experience safe, memorable and above all – extraordinary.”

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