Working Holiday Maker Reform

28 October 2016

You may be aware the Senate Economics Legislation Committee is having a short inquiry into the Government's proposed legislation on the Backpacker tax (Working Holiday Maker Reform) proposals.  A hearing will be held next Wednesday in Canberra. 

SATIC has a membership with the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) to assist us with representation on issues affecting the tourism industry nationally.

The ACCI has put in a submission based on the strong and now independently verified premise that the Government will raise more than it is projecting from the changes to income tax on working holiday makers and thus it does not need to raise the Passenger Movement Charge.

Previous submissions and comments from ACCI – Tourism have made it clear that the industry sees the backpacker tax as negative overall, this is reiterated in the submission but it is also written fairly pragmatically in an attempt to achieve the best possible outcome.

I invite you to read the submission and its attachment.

If you would like further information on the Senate Inquiry or the bills, follow this link to the Parliament's website.

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