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SATIC has partnered with energy spend management company BidEnergy, in an Australian first pilot program, to find members the cheapest electricity plans.

Exclusive SATIC member opportunity

As a member SATIC, you have the exclusive opportunity to use BidEnergy’s new automatic concierge product, BID Billy, which finds the cheapest electricity for you and keeps you on it year in and year out – no matter how much electricity rates or plans change.

What is BID Billy?

  • BID Billy is designed for small to medium sized enterprises.
  • Uses robotic automation to check the accuracy of electricity bills.
  • It then automatically searches every electricity supplier to find the best rate available to you and shows what you could save.
  • But it does not just compare – BID Billy invites power companies in your area to bid for your contract.
  • You get unbiased results because BID Billy does not receive commissions.
  • Helps remove bad habits that stop you getting better rates by reminding you to pay on time and matching your electricity use to the right plan.
  • Just drag and drop an original PDF of your electricity bill and BID Billy does the rest!


What does it cost? 

Even if you do not switch, just register for free. BID Billy will keep checking the accuracy of your bills and always look for ways another plan could save you money. If you choose to switch you pay an annual fee of just $49 (SATIC will receive $9 commission from your annual payment to BID BIlly).

View the six step guide to getting started with Billy >

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