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The success of tourism is influenced by policies, laws, regulations and decisions made by government at all levels.

SATIC actively lobbies on behalf of its members to achieve the best business environment for tourism operators in this State. We are your voice.

By regularly consulting its members and working with government, SATIC works to achieve positive and constructive outcomes for the South Australian tourism industry.  The strength of its membership, which ranges from micro to large sized businesses across all regions and sectors, enables SATIC to gather valuable insight and represent the position of the industry accurately.

SATIC maintains a tourism industry presence at national, state and local government level as well as at industry forums and in the media.

SATIC represents the South Australian tourism industry on a range of government & industry bodies, boards and working groups, including:

  • Australian Tourism Accreditation Program Ltd
  • Australian Tourism Awards Owners Group
  • Naracoorte Caves Master Plan Reference Group
  • National Tourism Alliance


Exclusive to members: Read From the Chief Executive posts on current advocacy issues.

Segway Sensation SA - letter of support

Shaun de bruyn writes in support of Segway Sensation SA's proposal to expand its operations into the city of Adelaide along the River Torrens precinct. 

pdf SATIC Letter of support - Segway Sensation SA 48KB

Indigenous Tourism

Ward Tilbrook met with the SA Tourism Commission to advocate for a policy on mandating indigenous content in the regional visitor guides and highlight the unique worth and merit of the 'Kings Seal' app. 

pdf Response from Emma Nicholls, SA Tourism Commission 733KB
pdf SATIC letter to the SA Tourism Commission re Indigenous Tourism 117KB

Cleland Wildlife Park - Koala Centre for Excellence

Following preliminary discussions with DEWNR about plans to reinvigorate Cleland Wildlife Park, including to develop it as a Koala Centre for Excellence, SATIC drafted a letter of support to DEWNR's Chief Executive about the proposal.

pdf SATIC letter to Sandy Pitcher, DEWNR 83KB

Kingscote Wharf

Following reports from members regarding the deterioration of the Kingscote Wharf, SATIC advocated that the SA Tourism Commission and relevant government departments provide appropriate infrastructure to allow tourism businesses to safely operate. 

pdf SATIC letter to the SA Tourism Commission re Kingscote Wharf 113KB

Adelaide Tourism Committee

Following a meeting with new Lord Mayor Martin Haese, Ward Tilbrook followed up their discussions regarding the lack of a tourism committee for the city of Adelaide and proposed that we should investigate establishing a "Destination Melbourne" type model to drive the visitor appeal of Adelaide.

pdf SATIC letter to Lord Mayor, Martin Haese 206KB

Port Wakefield Tourism

The Wakefield Regional Council decided to discontinue its involvement with Yorke Peninsula Tourism and SATIC advocated for council to reconsider its decision and support the tourism businesses in the town of Port Wakefield by encouraging visitors to "get off the highway".

pdf SATIC letter to CEO of Wakefield Regional Council 195KB

Australian Tourism Roundtable

Ward Tilbrook attended the second Australian Tourism Roundtable in Canberra on 24 June 2014, which was convened by the National Tourism Alliance. The Australian Tourism Round Table is an industry-led forum to foster the exchange of information and the formulation of common national policy positions for the benefit of the Australian tourism industry.

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pdf Australian Tourism Roundtable Communique 587KB
pdf Australian Tourism Roundtable Attendee List 196KB
pdf NTA Member Communique 24 Jun 2014 624KB

SATIC Response to the Draft South Australian Tourism Plan 2015 - 2020

After member consultation and feedback, the SATIC Board submitted a response to the Draft South Australian Tourism Plan 2015-2020.

The final South Australian Tourism Plan 2020 was released on 24 July 2014.

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pdf Draft SA Tourism Plan Feedback - 020614 236KB

SA Visitor & Travel Centre

The SA Tourism Commission's SA Visitor & Travel Centre at 18 King William Street ceased operations on 1 July 2011; it was outsourced to private South Australian company, Holidays of Australia where it operated from its Grenfell St premises. It was then returned to the SA Tourism Commission and relocated to Service SA on North Tce in July 2012.

In June 2014, the SA Tourism Commission moved its visitor information services to a new location just off Rundle Mall in James Place, in partnership with the Adelaide City Council. 

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pdf 300414 - SA Tourism Commission email to industry: Visitor Information Centre 52KB
pdf 290414 - SATIC Media Release: Collaboration welcomed for State Visitor Centre 201KB
pdf 280414 - Minister for Tourism Media Release: Visitor Centre 79KB
pdf 270612 - SA Tourism Commission Media Release: New SA Visitor Centre 135KB
pdf 030712 - SATIC letter to Jane Jeffreys re SA Visitor Centre 230KB
pdf 150611 - SATIC Media Statement: SA Visitor & Travel Centre 379KB
pdf 150611 - SA Tourism Commission Media Release: New SA Travel Hub 112KB
pdf 090511 - SATIC letter to Ian Darbyshire re SA Visitor & Travel Centre 233KB
pdf 250211 - SA Tourism Commission Media Release: SA Visitor & Travel Centre 110KB

Review of the 2009-14 SA Tourism Plan

With the 2009-14 South Australian Tourism Plan coming to an end, SATIC engaged an independent researcher to provide a review of the Plan. Many of the measurements were aligned to the "SA Brand Health Monitor" which was discontinued some time ago.

The results of the review should assist in the implementation of the next Tourism Plan 2015-2020.

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pdf SA Tourism Plan Report Card 336KB

Tourism Election Wish List

For the South Australian tourism industry to achieve its potential, SATIC considers three key areas must be addressed:

1. Increase South Australia's tourism budget.
2. Whole of Government approach to tourism.
3. Create a more competitive business environment for tourism & hospitality businesses.
pdf Tourism Election Wishlist - Feb 2014 1.5MB

National Tourism Alliance Communique

The NTA Board met in Sydney on 17 December 2013, and was attended by The Hon. Andrew Robb AO MP, Minister for Tourism for the inaugural Australian Tourism Roundtable. The Shadow Spokesperson for Tourism, The Hon. Albanese MP later attended the meeting for a discussion with the NTA Board. The final guest was Dr Leo Jago from Tourism Research Australia, who updated the Board on current initiatives and future projects.

pdf NTA Member Communique 17 Dec 2013 273KB

New Federal Government Commitment to T-QUAL & TIRF Grants

The National Tourism Alliance, of which SATIC is a member, expressed its concern to Hon Andrew Robb AO MP, Federal Minster for Trade and Investment, regarding the new Federal Government's commitment to the T-QUAL and TIRF grants.

SATIC was involved in this issue nationally. Ward had a meeting with Ausindustry and was quoted in the media about the importance of honouring these grants for the successful applicants.

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pdf Response from Hon Andrew Robb AO MP 315KB

Tourist Refund Scheme

SATIC strongly supports the proposal to amend Australia’s Tourist Refund Scheme to allow private refund providers to operate in an open and competitive market. This key enhancement to tourism shopping has the potential to encourage further spending from international visitors to South Australia.

pdf Response from Leon Bignell MP 52.5KB
pdf SATIC letter to Hon Leon Bignell MP, Minister for Tourism 192.5KB

National Tourism Alliance Communique

The NTA Board met in Melbourne on 24 July 2013 and was attended by The Hon. Bob Baldwin, Shadow Minister for Tourism to discuss a number of policy issues that would be considered in the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election campaign.

pdf NTA Member Communique 24 Jul 2013 93KB

VIC Support

The accredited VIC network plays an important role in tourism information, distribution and conversion. The resourcing of specific programs to serve, support and promote accredited VICs is essential. A letter has been sent to the SA Tourism Commission to ascertain the level of support going forward.

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pdf Response from Rodney Harrex 59KB
pdf SATIC letter to Rodney Harrex re support for VICs 287KB

What Adelaide Tourism Needs to be Vibrant

SATIC Members in the Greater Adelaide region highlighted three key areas to support tourism growth, encourage sustainability and make Adelaide more attractive for business and tourism.

  1. Addressing employment costs
  2. Increased marketing
  3. All year round calendar of events

Without successful sustainable businesses, Adelaide cannot have long-term vibrancy and prosperity.

pdf SATIC Media Release: What Adelaide Tourism Needs to be Vibrant 429KB

Regional Visitor Guides

Concern was raised by SATIC Members about the review process, release dates and ultimately the accuracy of South Australian Regional Visitor Guides.

pdf SATIC letter to Karyn Kent re SA Regional Visitor Guides 219KB

Great White Shark Cage Diving Licenses

SATIC Members in Port Lincoln raised concerns that the SA Government may remove existing Great White Shark Cage Diving licenses from tourism businesses in response to a recommendation in the CSIRO's "Effects of Berleying on Sharks" report.

SATIC maintained that there was no justification for the Government to remove a license and destroy any legitimate successful regional tourism business.

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pdf SATIC letter of thanks to Hon Paul Caica MP 174KB
pdf SATIC letter to Hon Paul Caica MP, Minister for Environment & Conservation 228KB
pdf Effects of Berleying report 795KB

SA Business Coalition

SATIC were part of the SA Business Coalition advocating aginst the half-day public holidays and associated penalty rates for Christmas and New Year's Eve being part of the deal between Business SA and the SDA to allow CBD retailers to open on public holidays.

It is incongruous that all businesses in SA who employ people on Christmas & NYE will have to pay additional labour costs to have shops open in the city.

SATIC was part of this Business Coalition until we were threatened with legal action.

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pdf Letter from Piper Anderson Lawyers re SA Business Coalition 7.2MB
pdf Open Letter to Premier & Business SA from SA Business Coalition 3.3MB
pdf Media Release: Fight to Stop New Half Day Public Holidays 230KB
pdf Shop Trading Hours, Additional Public Holidays & Penalty Rates 2MB

Outback Power Prices

Power price increases of up to 120% may force tourism businesses to close in Coober Pedy and other key South Australian outback tourism destinations.
pdf Koutsantonis Media Release: Power Price Relief for SA Remote Communities 95KB
pdf SATIC Media Release: Alarming Power Prices Spark Outback Anger 303KB

Draft Regional Tourism Growth Plan Proposal

The South Australian Tourism Commission released a Draft Regional Tourism Growth Plan Proposal in December 2010. The proposal was aimed at the Tourism Commission's regional structure and approach.

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pdf Draft Regional Tourism Growth Plan Proposal 133KB
pdf SATIC letter to Ian Darbyshire, SA Tourism Commission 115KB
pdf SATIC Media Statement: Regional Tourism Growth Plan 301KB

Proposed McLaren Vale Housing Development

McLaren Vale winemakers, business owners and environmental groups are fighting to stop the creation of a new suburb, Seaford Heights between Victor Harbor and Main South Roads.  A 1130-housing development is proposed for the 77ha site.  McLaren Vale Grape, Wine and Tourism Association chairman Dudley Brown said it would be a “disastrous entrance statement” to the Fleurieu, McLaren Vale and Kangaroo Island.

pdf SATIC letter of support to McLaren Vale Wine Grape and Tourism Association 234KB

Marine Parks

Continued consultation and communication is the key to ensure tourism is fully considered within the issue of marine parks, as their impact on South Australian tourism is two-fold.
Coastal and marine tourism is a significant part of South Australia’s nature-based tourism identity. Marine parks can portray a strong ecotourism marketing message; some of the world’s most outstanding and highly demanded tourism experiences are associated with marine parks. South Australia boasts many world-class marine tourism experiences. Swimming and diving with or viewing dolphins, seals, whales, sharks, cuttlefish and tuna are all magnificent South Australian experiences, which take place in quite defined locations.
However, fishing for pleasure is also vitally important to South Australian tourism, with many regions attributing over 20% of their tourism to fishing. Relative to the rest of Australia, South Australia has an above average participation by visitors in fishing. 11% of interstate tourists to our State go fishing and 15% of all South Australians who holiday in our own great State go fishing as part of their trip.
It is important that Government has a focus on the health of our marine environment but it does need to provide definitive science on how recreational & charter fishing is threatening marine plant and animal life in South Australian waters, to justify any further restrictions or prohibitions on recreational and charter fishing in South Australia.
pdf Letter from Paul Caica MP re Marine Parks development plans 78KB
pdf Weatherill Media Release: Marine Park Draft Management Plans 102KB
pdf SATIC Media Release: Will Tourism Get Caught in the Net? 308KB
pdf Letter from Paul Caica MP re Marine Parks Zoning Scenarios 108KB
pdf Letter from Paul Caica MP re Marine Parks Local Advisory Groups 70KB
pdf Marine Parks: Reserve Today, Preserve Tomorrow 2.9MB

Seeking a Balance: Mining in Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

The Flinders Ranges is recognised as one of Tourism Australia’s 15 iconic landscapes under the National Landscapes initiative, but the SA Government was looking to exploit the region’s mineral & energy resources including the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. SA's mineral exports are currently worth around $1.4 billion a year, while our tourism visitor expenditure is $4.6 billion.

SATIC's position is that nature tourism and mining are fundamentally incompatible. The tourism industry’s interests should not be marginalised. SATIC has put forward a submission to the relevant Ministers and to DEH on behalf of the industry.

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pdf SATIC letter of congratulations to Hon Mike Rann MP, Premier of SA 34KB
pdf SATIC Media Release: Arkaroola, SA's Priceless Tourism Asset, Is Safe 382KB
pdf SATIC Media Release: Mining the Flinders Ranges Will Destroy Tourism 306KB
pdf SATIC letter to Hon Jay Weatherill MP, Minister for Environment & Conservation 50KB
pdf SATIC letter to Jason Irving, Department for Environment & Heritage 104KB
pdf Seeking a Balance 2.9MB

Murray River Tourism

The Federal Minister for Tourism issued a press release entitled Drought fails to Leave Murray Tourism High and Dry which stated, in relation to Murray River tourists, "80 per cent said the drought had no impact on their perceptions."

This was in response to a Tourism Research Australia report titled Impact of the Drought on Murray River Tourism which includes the statistic that "overnight visits in the Murray Region had declined on average by 2.2% in the period 1999 - 2008" and that "total tourism expenditure would have been 5.1% higher on 2008 levels if it had not been for the drought."

This TRA report could be considered to be understating the impact of drought on Murray River tourism in South Australia and our Murray River operators are feeling a significantly greater impact than the report portrays. This report coupled with Minister Ferguson's press release seems to indicate a denial of the magnitude of the issues facing Murray River Tourism particularly in South Australia.

The TRA report covers the length of the Murray, reading the 130 page background paper on the report is a serious commitment and you need may a degree in research to understand it.

The background paper does include the obvious statement that "The aspects of the Murray River which were most commonly perceived as having declined due to the drought were those activities associated with water – aesthetics of the landscape, fishing, water sports, swimming, paddle steamer trips and houseboat hire. Region 8 (i.e. lower lakes) was most strongly associated with a decline in these types of activities".

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pdf Media Release: Drought Fails to Leave Murray Tourism High and Dry 52KB
pdf Summary of Results: Impact of the drought on tourism in the Murray River region 318KB
pdf Background Paper: Impact of the drought on tourism in the Murray River region 2.5MB

Kangaroo Island Watergap Project

The costs to get to Kangaroo Island and to operate a business on Kangaroo Island have been an issue for South Australian tourism for many years.

The Kangaroo Island Watergap Recognition Project was commissioned by the Kangaroo Island Development Board and covers the issue in detail and puts the case for subsidies on the ferry operation.

As the report states "If the trip from Cape Jervis to Penneshaw was a road it would cost a truck $36 to drive the distance, as it’s a ferry is costs $311.00 to get that truck across. Kangaroo Island is only 110 kms from Adelaide but in reality it may as well be 950kms away".

This obviously represents a cost implication that affects all aspects of life and business on Kangaroo Island.

There is a precedent for subsidies on ferries. King and Flinders Islands in Tasmania are now subsidised intrastate ferry connections and the 12 ferries operating across the Murray River in SA are all subsidised.

Ward Tilbrook participated in a Watergap meeting hosted by the KI Development Board, Business SA and the SA Freight Council. SATIC's position is that the comparative economic disadvantages of operating a tourism business on Kangaroo Island relative to those of other destinations in the State need to be addressed and Watergap Recognition Project is an important input into the process.

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pdf Kangaroo Island Watergap Public Briefing Paper 50KB
pdf Kangaroo Island Watergap Recognition Project - Full report 440KB

Recognition for Accredited Tourism Businesses

It is critical that the SA Tourism Commission and SATIC work together in the development of an attractive business benefits and recognition package that will be available to SATIC members that undertake successful accreditation.

pdf SATIC letter to Jo Podoliak re recognition package for accredited businesses 282KB
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