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Visitor Information Centres

Visitor Information Centres (VICs) enhance the visitor experience and play a role in encouraging visitors to stay longer in the region allowing for greater dispersal and repeat visitation.

The statewide network of accredited VICs forms an integral component of the tourism industry and acts as a valuable distribution network for the range of experiences that are on offer throughout South Australia. 
The VIC Accreditation program is designed to provide the consumer with a consistent and recognised level of customer service throughout South Australia. It is based on quality assurance principles and is aligned to the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.  The program provides consumers and the industry with an assurance that an accredited VIC is committed to quality business practices and professionalism.
This is achieved by the development of professional management systems that will lead to reliability, consistency and predictability in the operation of the business that results in improved customer service and satisfaction.
SATIC delivers the Visitor Information Centre Accreditation in South Australia.

About the Logo/Trademark

The italic yellow “i” sign on the blue background is a registered trademark. It denotes an accredited Visitor Information Centre.

Visitor Information Centre & Industry Skills Development Advisory Group

The objective of the VIC Advisory Group is to provide insights and help to guide decision making to ensure that all aspects of the state’s tourism regions are considered in the piloting and rolling out of specific initiatives, particularly from a local perspective.

Each Regional Tourism Committees has nominated a representative from their region to form a voluntary advisory group to consult with the SA Tourism Commission on relative elements, from planning to implementation stage.


18 July 2012 - Advisory Group Meeting - Minutes

Yorke Peninsula Tourism Visitor Information Outlet Guidelines

Sell SA Pilot Project - 6 Month Progress Report

Industry Online Development


Terms of Reference

Minutes of Meeting Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Impacts of Regional Visitor Information Centres on Visitor Behaviour in South Australia

This study was undertaken by Tourism Research Australia (TRA) and the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC) to examine the extent of the impacts of Visitor Information Centres (VICs) on tourist behaviour in regional areas of South Australia.

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