Barossa Case Study

The Barossa VIC team and Kiikstart originally met as part of the successful SELL SA campaign.

By being part of this learning and development, the Barossa VIC was looking for new ways to build on its current offerings so it would create more impactful experiences that would lead to increased revenue for not only the VIC, but the region as a whole.

There was and is a genuine pride in the Barossa brand and it was about working with Kiikstart to make sure staff and the space really expressed this as creatively and successfully as possible.

Key areas requiring change and further development included:

  • The current product offering and the level in which it promoted complimentary services and experiences across the region.
  • Level of product choice and where product was sourced from and whom – quality needed to reinforce the Barossa brand.
  • The absence of signage to really move people through a space and encourage exploration and engagement.
  • Promoting regional points of difference through visuals, sound, sight and taste to really immerse the guest within the space, its experiences and retail offering.  
  • Absence of ongoing events that made best use of the external space and created a sense of community, interest, curiosity and involvement.  
  • No tactics for guests to interact with product through tasters and samples – needed to inject more sense of theatre.

As a result of this experience the proactive team at Barossa VIC has worked consistently to build on its offerings to guests including local residents and the visiting family and friends markets.

Key changes / outcomes included:

  • Greater presence of local, diverse and higher quality of product offering that meets the needs of the today’s guests.
  • Providing additional distribution channels and relationships with producers, artisans and suppliers that leads to real collaboration and benefit to all parties.
  • Reviewing the value of the Barossa brand and creating relationships with suppliers and producers in a style and manner that reflects these values and standards.
  • Developing stronger, more creative internal signage that tells the story of the regional offering, its points of difference and why it’s worth investing in as a guest. 
  • Ongoing events and facilities within the immediate surrounds of the VIC which leads to increased foot traffic, a greater sense of community and ultimately increased revenue.
  • Focused on building its workforce development processes and approach so it reflects the future objectives and direction of the centre and the region’s economic development.  
  • Created a retail space that is easier to navigate, more integrated and encourages people to explore.

More recently Kiikstart and the Barossa VIC team worked together again to review and plan the next stages of business development and develop the entrepreneurial strategies and tactics that ensure the team and its operations continue to grow into the future.

Kiikstart is excited to see the next chapter unfold and the ongoing commitment the team at the Barossa VIC has made to always keep moving and challenge and review “the way it has always been done”.



“We’ve worked with Ali on and off over the last 4 years at the Barossa Visitor Centre. She’s really easy to work with, a great facilitator that gets everybody engaged and motivated. We’ve had sessions tailored towards sales conversion, merchandising, customer service and business planning. She understands our services and the changing needs of Visitor Centres to ensure we remain relevant, viable and valued by our community and tourism industry. She’ll keep you accountable too!” - Jo Seabrook, Manager Tourism Services, The Barossa Council

“We wanted someone to help us push our thinking to the next level, ensure we build on our fantastic success and not stand still and great industry knowledge and experience had to be a given. Ali has ticked the boxes and kept our process and big picture vision real.  Our sessions, were fun, focused and achieved quick outcomes.  We love the updated vision and are re energised to deliver exceptional experiences for our guests.”  - Jo Thomas, Director Corporate & Community Services, The Barossa Council


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