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SATIC has a partnership with Baker Marketing to provide our members with tourism marketing that drives sales conversion.


Baker Marketing offers SMART Systems and multi-channel solutions for all of your sales and marketing needs, with an emphasis on Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing.


Baker Marketing offer traditional and digital marketing solutions, allowing you to focus on your business while they generate traffic to your website and increase sales conversion.

SMART Systems for Sales Growth

Good tourism marketing builds a solid foundation for sales growth in your business. By harnessing the power of your marketing activities Baker Marketing can generate leads for your business and improve sales conversion.

Their team specialise in:

  1. Inbound Marketing - As certified Inbound Marketers, Baker Marketing use a four-part methodology that focuses on attracting, converting, closing and delighting empowered buyers to your business. 
  2. SEO Websites - As qualified developers they can build or optimise your website for lead generation and sales conversion.
  3. Social Media - Their consultants are 100% Google Adwords Certified and ready to change your perspective on paid advertising. Social Media Marketing will build brand awareness, engage with your customers or drive customers to your website.
  4. Creative Design - Their talented graphic designers, linked with a marketing specialist can transform your brand with a focussed creative overview.
  5. Content Creation- If you want business recognition, lead generation, and sales conversion a content strategy is crucial.
  6. Digital Advertising - Create, growth and maintain an online presence.

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Exclusive offers for SATIC members

If you are serious about growth in 2018 take advantage of these limited time offers:

Free Digital Health Check

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Google AdWords offer

Book with Baker Marketing and get a 25% discount on Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising starter packages. BOOK NOW >

Discount for SATIC members

SATIC members will also receive a 10% discount on any purchase made with Baker Marketing.

For more information contact Baker Marketing on (08) 8352 3091 or visit:

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