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One of the key challenges and opportunities for the South Australian tourism industry is to develop product that can meet the growing market demand for unspoilt and authentic destinations.

South Australia’s variety of unique natural and cultural attractions ensure that the State is well placed to develop innovative tourism product that can satisfy this growing market.

There is, however, a responsibility on all those involved in tourism development to ensure that tourism is more sustainable.

Sustainable tourism is based on the three 'pillars' of sustainability (economic, social and environmental) and is simply defined by the World Tourism Organisation as: "Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities." (WTO 2005)

Sustainability is not just about controlling and managing any negative impacts. Tourism is in a special position to benefit local communities economically and socially, as well as raising awareness and support for conservation.

Carbon Price Claims - Guide for business

Produced by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, the purpose of the Carbon price claims - Guide for business is to help businesses understand their rights and obligations when making claims about the impact of a carbon price.

pdf Carbon price claims - Guide for Business (2012) 1.6MB

Business Carbon Footprint Calculator

This FREE online emissions calculator is suitable for small business, easy to use and has government approved calculations.

Learn more about the Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Sustainable Tourism Package

This package includes 16 initiatives and programs and is designed to position South Australia as a fresh, competitive and successful tourism destination for present and future destinations.

pdf Sustainable Tourism Package 288KB

Sustainable Tourism Principles

The concept of sustainability is at the heart of the Sustainable Tourism Package and is guided by 12 clear principles based on the Triple Bottom Line (ie economic, social and environmental indicators).

pdf Sustainable Tourism Principles 56KB

Sustainable Tourism Development in Regional South Australia - Discussion Paper

The Discussion Paper, dated November 2002, is the first step in developing a new planning policy framework for environmentally sustainable tourism development in regional areas.

pdf Sustainable Tourism Development in Regional South Australia - Discussion Paper 2.6MB

Steps to Sustainable Tourism

A tool to use when managing and developing regions, places and tourism products. It offers a step-by-step approach to foster partnerships and to achieve benefits for tourism and conservation interests.

pdf Steps to Sustainable Tourism 496KB

Tourism Australia: Sustainable Tourism

The Sustainable Tourism section of the Tourism Australia website is dedicated to sustainability in the Australian tourism industry. It outlines what sustainability means, its benefits, as well as a toolkit and resources for you to find out extra information.

Sustainable Tourism Online

Sustainable Tourism Online provides information and resources to assist tourism businesses in sustainable planning and management.

The site is regularly updated with new research, data and tools in three main areas: Destinations and Communities; Business Operations; and Parks and Culture as well as broader sustainable tourism themes.

The former Sustainable Tourism Centre for Cooperative Research's reports are now available for free download from its online bookshop with a range of online tools and products also available.

Business Sustainability Alliance

The Business Sustainability Alliance (BSA) links you to all South Australian Government services geared to help you run a responsible and profitable business.

Developed in response to the challenges of climate change, BSA offers access to tools and expertise that can help ensure the long-term, sustainable growth of your business. BSA is an initiative of The Department for Trade and Economic Development, SA Water, Zero Waste SA and The Environment Protection Authority.

Climate Action Certification

The Climate Action Certification program is designed to assist you in reducing carbon emissions and assuring consumers that your products have a certified commitment to sustainable business practices and to addressing climate change.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about climate change and are looking for sustainable travel options.  Climate Action Certified operators can be easily recognised as making real efforts to address those concerns and will stand out from the crowd.

Addressing climate change is a complex issue and the Climate Action Certification program can assist you in systematically working through the many processes and approaches required.

For more information on Climate Action Certification

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