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SATIC Tourism Industry Agenda

$8 BILLION + 41, 000 JOBS


  On Wednesday, 27 September, SATIC hosted its inaugural 'Business over Breakfast' event at the Adelaide Oval, providing an opportunity for industry members, stakeholders, Federal, State and Local Government representatives, to be a part of the official launch of SATIC's Tourism Industry Agenda. 
The tourism industry currently employs over 36,000 South Australians and was worth $6.3 billion as at 31 March 2017. SATIC's Industry Agenda seeks to align tourism business needs with those of partners and stakeholders for the purpose of further driving economic growth and employment outcomes.

SATIC has spent the majority of 2017 undergoing extensive consultation with industry members and stakeholders to identify the key issues holding industry back. Our agenda seeks to inform members and stakeholders of the ten key policy priorities and funding priorities identified so far, and provides a clear rationale on the most effective way forward to unlocking the full economic potential of tourism with our State

Our consultation will not stop here, this is merely the start of SATIC’s advocacy program of representing the tourism industry agenda to government at all levels to maximise our potential.

Ten policy priorities:  

  • Funding levels for the South Australian Tourism Commission 
  • Industry Fragmentation 
  • Whole of SA Government Support 
  • The Sharing Economy 
  • Industry & Workplace Development 
  • Adelaide CBD Vision 
  • Regional Tourism 
  • Cost Impact of doing Business in SA 
  • Nature-based Tourism
  • Government Process & Red Tape

Three funding priorities: 

  • Driving Demand
  • Regional Tourism
  • Workforce Development

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We welcome your feedback and continued dialogue.

What a great time to be in tourism in South Australia!

Eoin (Owen) Loftus, Chairman
South Australian Tourism Industry Council

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