Sectoral Strategies

South Australian Food & Wine Strategy 2009 - 2014

Research shows that South Australia has a dominant association with authentic and credible wineries and wine regions; is second to Victoria in terms of wine and food experiences; but is third to Victoria and New South Wales, in terms of being associated with distinctive dining and fresh regional produce. Clearly South Australia’s recognition for food is not as strong as it is for wine and this requires a stronger unified image and association in both the marketing message and delivery of experiences.

pdf Food & Wine Tourism Strategy 450KB
pdf South Australian Food & Wine Tourism Strategy Summary 6.3MB

Responsible Nature-based Tourism Strategy 2004 - 2009

This strategy takes a realistic look at the opportunities and challenges in nature-based tourism in this State. It seeks to derive tourism benefits for the environment (income, jobs, sustainable regional communities) when providing benefits for the environment (generation of revenue for its protection and management, and environmental 'education').

pdf Responsible Nature-based Tourism Strategy 936KB

Cycle Tourism Strategy 2005 -2009

Cycling and cycle tourism are undergoing significant growth worldwide, particularly in South Australia's key overseas markets. From a strategic perspective it is clear cycle tourism is a major niche tourism opportunity.

pdf Cycle Tourism Strategy 973KB
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