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Are you Bookable Online?

Today's customers are looking for the convenience of booking their holiday online and receiving instant confirmation.

You can increase your sales by ensuring your tourism business is online and connected to technology that will make it easier for customers to reach you.

Is your tourism business ready and enabled?

The SA Tourism Commission support the national platform for online bookings called Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA) that makes it easy to sell your accommodation, tours and tickets through multiple travel websites and other distributors such as Visitor Information Centres.

To join TXA you need an ATDW listing and have a TXA-connected booking system.


What is TXA?

TXA is the national booking exchange supported by all Australian State Tourism Organisations including the SA Tourism Commission. It gives your business more exposure by making your products bookable in real-time on many state, regional, national and international websites, visitor centres and other distributors.

TXA matches your business information (and photos) on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) with availability and rates on your booking system. The part that holds this inventory is called the OBX (Open Booking Exchange) and is provided by the technology provider, V3.


How will connecting to TXA help my business?

Connecting to TXA will dramatically increase your sales opportunities:

  • You get global, national and local exposure on dedicated websites for free.
  • Your product information is available to consumers where and how they want it, and allow them to book your product.
  • You will have the opportunity to participate in more marketing opportunities through the SA Tourism Commission.


Using TXA's technology will give you control over business decision making:

  • Choose which distributors can book your product.
  • Decide to stop participating with distributors at any time.
  • Customise prices for different distributors.
  • Always remain in control of your inventory.
  • Decide how much commission you are prepared to pay.
  • Know where your bookings are coming from.


Using TXA will increase your business efficiency:

  • TXA removes the need to manage multiple allotments or allocations, saving you time.
  • You receive money immediately into your nominated bank account once a booking is complete.



How do I get my business connected to TXA?

To connect to TXA follow these steps:

  • Register with ATDW. If you are listed on, you will already be registered. If not, you can sign up by contacting SA Tourism Commission's Online Services Team on (08) 8463 4560.
  • Have a TXA connected booking system. Many off-the-shelf booking systems are compatible with TXA, and more and more are being connected regularly. For further details call TXA on 1300 266 582.
  • Join TXA on V3's website and activate the connection (V3 or your system provider will assist). If you use Frontdesk, skip this step as you are already connected to TXA.
  • Choose the distributors you would like to sell your products. You will be able to check the terms of conditions for each distributor and if you agree, opt-in to them, meaning they will be able to make real time bookings on your behalf (i.e. display your rates/availability if they are a website or sell you through their outlet in the case of travel agents or visitor information centres). For example, is one of the many distributors you can choose to opt-in to.
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