What is the ROC Program?

The Respecting Our Culture (ROC) program encourages the tourism industry to operate in ways that respect and reinforce Indigenous cultural heritage and the living cultures of Indigenous communities.

ROC certified tourism operators are committed to protecting cultural authenticity and integrity, developing sound business practices, environmental protection and acknowledging Indigenous peoples' spiritual connection to the land and water.

What are the benefits:

  • Certification is recognition of a high standard of operations when applying for grants, awards, licenses or permits.
  • Entitlement to use the TQUAL logo and Tourism Accreditation (gold tick logo) at no extra cost, as well as  receive a listing on the TQUAL Trip Advisor website. 
  • Certification schemes offer independent assessment and recognition of your credentials for consumers to be assured of your commitment to quality and service
  • Certified operators have the opportunity to nominate for Ecotourism Australia’s Annual Gecko Awards
  • Free listing on Ecotourism Australia's website and be searchable under the Green Travel Guide.
  • Free opportunities to feature in the monthly EcoBytes newsletter distributed to over 6000 subscribers and EcoBytes blog.
  • Be featured and referred to by Ecotourism at Green Expos, trade events, media referrals and editorials.
  • Free listings to advertise on Ecojobs and in EcoBytes.
  • Free linking of your products on Ecotourism Australia’s interactive online map.
  • Receive 25% discount for the Annual Global Eco Conference.
  • Representation at the annual Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE).
  • Dual certification for ECO and ROC at no extra cost.
  • Membership with the South Australian Tourism Industry Council.
  • Full membership rights of Ecotourism Australia, including voting rights and the right to nominate and stand for the Board of Directors.
  • Government recognition – ECO certification can entitle you to extended permits and licences with a range of different State and National Park agencies and protected area managers.
  • Commitment to the certification programs demonstrates a commitment of continuous improvement through certification upgrades, external audits and an opportunity to use developed templates for improving business performance. 

Find out more about the benefits of ROC Certification

Interested in becoming certified? Check out the Essentials Guide

For more information contact SATIC  or visit the Ecotourism Australia website

4 Easy Steps to becoming ROC Certified

Step 1 - Register

Visit the Ecotourism Australia website

Step 2 - Complete the workbook

Complete the self assessment criteria.

Step 3 - Submit your application

Submit your application to Ecotourism Australia for independent assessment: PO Box 881, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006.

On successful completion of assessment you will be notified of ROC Certification.

Step 4 - Onsite audit

An onsite audit will be conducted with the first 3 years of applying to ensure the standards of certification are being maintained.

ECO & ROC Certification Criteria:

  • Business Management and Operational Planning
  • Business Ethics
  • Responsible Marketing
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Natural Area and/or Cultural Focus
  • Environmental Management
  • Interpretation and Education
  • Contribution to Conservation
  • Working with Local Communities
  • Cultural Respect and Sensitivity

Note: If you have already achieved tourism accreditation with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program, you will receive credit for Section 1.

For more information contact SATIC  or visit the Ecotourism Australia website

Respecting Our Culture Certification Fees

ROC fees are based on your business' gross annual turn over.

Your turnover

Once-only application fee

Ongoing annual fee

Discounted annual fee

(if combined with Climate Action)

less than $250,000




$250,001 - $1,000,000




$1,000,001 - $5,000,000




$5,000,001 - $10,000,000




more than $10,000,000




Fees remain the same for all programs and certification levels.  All prices current as at August 2016.

For more information contact SATIC  or visit the Ecotourism Australia website.

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