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The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) is suitable for all tourism businesses. It is not an onerous or prescriptive process; it is designed to apply to each individual business and to assist you in quality management practices.

ATAP not only allows you to update your businesses policies and procedures, it provides you with valuable links to business development tools, templates and business examples.

The Tourism Accreditation 'tick' highlights tourism businesses that are endorsed by the tourism industry as quality assured.

Accredited tourism businesses are recognised as professional, ethical and reliable operators, which deliver high quality tourism experiences.


What are the benefits?

  • Displaying the 'tick' provides a competitive marketing advantage and increased consumer confidence.
  • Business tools and templates to assist in best practice management.
  • Membership with the South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC)
  • SATIC member rates for all SATIC activities, events and training
  • SATIC member rates on advertising with SATIC partner advertising initiatives
  • Access to member 'privilege rates' from our partners and suppliers
  • Access to member only content on www.satic.com.au
  • Receive member only e-communications and participate in the quarterly member business sentiment survey
  • Extended 3 year licencing  for Commercial Tour Operators to operate in SA National Parks
  • Promotion through consumer websites: trusttheticksa.com.au and www.southaustralia.com
  • Promotion through a national marketing campaign encouraging travellers to 'Trust the Tick!'

More information

Download the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program USER GUIDE

Information is available at the ATAP website.


For more information, contact SATIC or Register Now.


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4 Easy Steps to becoming ATAP Accredited

Step 1:

Register online - Go to the site https://accreditation.atap.net.au which will take your directly to the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program's (ATAP) login space. 

To start the process of accreditation you need to first register your interest and provide some details which will then determine what fees need to be paid. SATIC will contact you to arrange payment (if not already a SATIC Member) and will then notify you when you can login to commence the actual accreditation process.

Step 2:

Click on 'New User Register Here' (yellow logon button) and enter your details - then click on the 'SIGN ME UP' button. An email verification will be sent to confirm. Click on 'link' then 'click here to login' which takes you to the introductory page.

The introductory page has information about the program and accreditation, as well as the modules that you need to complete at this stage. For initial registration, there is only one module - Business Details. When answered, the red cross on the bottom tab will turn to a green tick. Then hit 'SUBMIT APPLICATION' and your registration is complete.

You will receive an email verifying that your registration has been received. Once SATIC have reviewed your details they will contact you and notify you about the fees for your accreditation (if required).

Step 3: Time to Start the Accreditation

When the fees have been paid, you can go back to the original login page and enter your username and password to login: https://accreditation.atap.net.au

Once you have logged in you will see what modules you need to complete. 

Once you are satisfied that you have completed all sections of the program that apply to your business, you can submit your application by clicking on the 'SUBMIT APPLICATION' button.

Step 4:

SATIC will review your application and send acknowledgement of Accreditation once satisfactory completed.

On-site visits are conducted periodically to encourage continual improvement and ensure the credibility of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program. Initial onsite visits are conducted within the first 6-12 months of achieving accreditation. Continual onsite visits take place every 2-3 years. Onsite visits are pre-arranged and all information sighted is treated as strictly confidential.

Download the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program USER GUIDE

Access ATAP Online >

Contents of the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program:

  • Business Details
  • Licences & Permits: Confirms your business has all the required licences and permits.
  • Insurance Details
  • Business Plan: Detail your business history and background, future goals and action plans.
  • Marketing Plan: Identify your market and competitors; plan your marketing strategy, goals and budgets.
  • Customer Service: Outline your customer service procedures, booking and cancellation policies, customer feedback and complaints handling processes.
  • Business Operating Systems: Review and outline your operating systems.
  • Human Resource Management: Consider all matters relating to employing staff, from recruitment to induction and training.
  • Risk Management: Implementation of risk management plans, as well as emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Economic Sustainability and Financial Systems: Ensure up-to-date record keeping.
  • Environmental Management: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable environmental practices.
  • Social & Cultural Sustainability: Describe how your business benefits and respects the local community.
  • Continuous Improvement: Reflect on your achievements and proposed future actions and innovations.
  • Code of Practice, Fees & Final Check


For more information, contact SATIC or Register Now.

Membership Fees

Please note: Small/Medium Business will be based on the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) staff working in the business.

Membership Levels    Membership Fee (+ GST)   
Small/Medium Business:  
1 - 3 $299 (+ GST)
4 - 8 $539 (+ GST)
9 - 15 $619 (+ GST)
16 - 25 $799 (+ GST)
26 - 50 $999 (+ GST)
Additional Listing $199 (+GST)
Large Business $1,500 (+ GST)
Industry Leader Business $4,900 (+ GST)
Supporter of Tourism $150 (+ GST)
Student & Young Tourism Professional $50 (+ GST)

Accreditation is a free member benefit with membership of the South Australian Tourism Industry Council (does not apply to Supporter of Tourism or Student & Young Tourism Professional levels).

*Accreditation applies to each registered business / trading name. In the case of a company with no legal requirement for trading names then accreditation applies to the company name. An additional $199 + GST listing fee per additional business name and or state applies to;

  • National Companies that operate in multiple states, but operate under the same ABN and the same procedures.
  • Additional trading names that operate under the same ABN and the same procedures.

Auditing will occur on any of the additional listings at the decision of the accreditation auditor. If an operator has one business name but operates two different types of product, (i.e. accommodation and touring) then both products would need to be accredited separately. 

For more information, contact SATIC or Register Now.


The Australian Tourism Accreditation Program (ATAP) certifies tourism businesses that meet specific quality assurance criteria ensuring they are committed to exceeding consumer expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. All ATAP accredited businesses undertake regular onsite audits to ensure compliance.


Accommodation, Tour, Attraction and Hire businesses accredited under the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program can be found on SATIC's Consumer website - Trust the Tick SA

Additional businesses accredited under the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program are:

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